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Thanks for making this business email simulator. =D


Cute game


This has become my current favorite game. I have been playing it every day, it's super satisfying and SO fun. I love the rough art style of the myspace blingees and the sudden onset stress that working with these emails can bring. My partner just described it as a webcore email rogue-like.

Critiques: I am not sure if this is a glitch or something I genuinely have to wait for but the REPORT: scientists say this is the lucky number email SHOULD correspond to the Budget Allotment email if I'm correct, but every time I type the number it doesn't register as the right answer but I haven't found literally any other answer. 

Similar issue with the Relationship email and the Trying to understand humans email. I tried the Triolingo email but it turned out to be spam? I'm not sure what the response to these are meant to be if the proper email responses aren't doing it. Maybe make these a little more clear.

Other than that PLEASE add a score storage feature. I've been writing my scores down but I'd love to have an offline score chart cuz this game is so fun and I play it constantly. Thanks!!

OMG! Thanks kindly for your generous feedback!! we r so glad you've been enjoying it :-) this will rly help us in the future!

Is there going to be a Linux version soon?

hey there! we are not currently working on the game but we have plans to soon. so hopefully in the future we can release a linux build~~ 

I will watch then! :)


Very cute and fun! Can get a little hard tho. Main thing that gets me is responding to emails, maybe instead of typing have different options? Idk just a thought :) really fun to pick up to play quick!!

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this is such a fun and unique game! i love the looks + i feel like I'm learning how to play it reach round haha thank u devs!! x

I love this game !! I have one problem though :( the first time i launched it, it looked all fine and normal and was just a small window. I closed it down and came back later, when i launched it, the "made with unity" startup came up and it was surrounded by borders, and all the stuff in the game was scrambled up ! :( I deleted it and redownloaded it many times but it still ended up looking like the scrambled version every time. I use a mac btw ! Any suggestionz ?


woah, total strangeness! thanks for letting us know! when it got messed up, did it launch fullscreen or windowed?

fullscreen ! thank u 4 ur time !! <3

what happens when u try 2 enter windowed mode via cmd-ctrl-F ? i'm trying to recreate this problem but unfortunately am using a PC. 

it takes it out of fullscreen but it looks the same :O I tried to drag it to be a smaller size but to no avail :(

Not sure if this’ll help but here’s what it looks like !:


ugh that sucks! we're not actively working on this game for now but i'll update you if we find a solution. sorry about that :(


Aaaaaaaaa the popups! xD


I got this in the Racial Justice and Equality Bundle and it really caught my eye. It has such an enjoyable webcore aesthetic. The gameplay is very lacking but I see a lot of potential for it to be fun in the same way Papers, Please is. Also the world seems like it has a lot of depth to it that I'd love to learn about. I hope to see this get worked on more!


thanks so much for your feedback!! we r taking notes :-))) and thanks for supporting the bundle


So cool, love the aesthetic! But SO STRESSFUL OMG


haha! thank you!


Could it be possible to make it so it has different difficulty levels? So in the easiest one the emails don't come so often. 


that's a good idea, thanks for the suggestion :)